Speaking of complicated, what is it about Olivia that drives her to recruit and rescue these particular individuals that make-up Pope & Associates?
KERRY: I’ll tell you where it comes from and why it works — where the initial impulse came from and why it actually works for the office. Olivia is just a person who likes and needs to make things better for other people. She comes to this work of “fixing” professionally because she has an inner need to fix, whether it is for the person behind her at Starbucks or for the next Supreme Court justice. She is just somebody who cares for her fellow human beings and wants to take care of people who are in difficult, challenging situations until they feel like they can take care of themselves. So that’s where I think it comes from. But I also think she realizes that she works for the office — at this point in the season, you may not understand all the dynamics of the relationships and for each character, but each of the people who work at Pope & Associates has had their own personal crisis, if not more than one. So they know what it is like to have a seemingly worst-day-of-your-life. So when somebody walks through the door at Pope & Associates, all of the people in that office can really approach the situation with a sense of compassion and also with understanding and know how. They’ve been there. (x)

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    Who are these people in season3?
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    LOL! God no. Please let her stay seated on that roller coaster over there In Shondaland. Can’t have her ruining anymore...
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    Haha! Yes, nothing but “well-dressed walkers” sgolitz if I didn’t know any better I would’ve sworn TWD and Scandal did...
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    What happened to this show…
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    Season 3 was supposed to be the season we learned more about Olivia and Harrison. Given the BTS photos, things...
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    I don’t think that we’ll ever get that. We’ve had an entire season where practically everything that has happened has...
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    Wow, when was the last time we got this kind of perspective from Kerry in terms of who Olivia is? I miss this so much.
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